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Stationersco believes in green practices and sustainable products.

Our Products

Our wide variety can meet any of your needs

Strong and sturdy for superior paper

Comes in a wide variety of sizes

Cost effective and recyclable


ColorLok® Technology causes ink used in ink jet printers to adhere more completely to the surface of paper, producing clean, crisp visuals. Stationersco uses ColorLok® Technology on various cut size papers in our portfolio, and when compared to other papers these products result in brighter colors, bolder blacks and lower risk of smearing

Jam-Free Paper

Forget about jams, thanks to our 99.99% Jam-Free™ Guarantee. Stationersco has always been trusted to run well and make your work look better. To reinforce our commitment to making great paper, every sheet we offer is guaranteed to perform well in the most widely used equipment.
We guarantee you will not experience more than one jam in 10,000 sheets on your high-speed digital equipment.


Made from post-consumer fiber, our Recycled papers are every bit as impressive as competitors non-recycled papers, ideal for everyday printing needs like copies, drafts and emails.